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We have never seen engagement like this with any other online tools… I highly recommend the Wiser Health platform for employers that are looking to offer...decision support to employees and cut health care costs.
—Sharon Miller, Manager - Employee Benefits, Corning Incorporated
WiserTogether is an innovative company that has built a simple, innovative decision-support tool to help employees choose their care for health issues and avoid unnecessary care.
—Scott Wood, Principal, Benefit Commerce Group
Patient education and consumerism are a critical part of our strategy, and WiserTogether’s innovative shared decision support platform aligns to our objectives.
—Peter Farrow, CEO, Group Healthcare Cooperative of Eau Claire
It turns out that following the wisdom of the crowd, especially when that crowd includes physicians making personal decisions about their own health, leads to higher engagement and more effective decisions. That results in higher quality care and more satisfied patients at a lower cost.
—Glen Tullman, Former CEO, Allscripts, Inc. and, Managing Director of 7Wire Ventures
We're committed to providing our colleagues and their families with the tools they need to make the best heathcare decisions. The Wiser Health tool's ease of use powered by clinical evidence drawn from Wiley's Essential Evidence Plus aligns to our objectives.
—Stephen M. Smith, CEO, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.